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Today’s grocery Trip February 18, 2009

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Grocery trip 2/18


Hey everyone. I went to White’s and Food City today since I had already scanned their ad and compared it to coupons and I had to go to that side of town anyway.  I paid 57.00 total and got $2 back in gas.

I didn’t need much this week so I stocked up on some extras to use in the future.

The best deals I found were Progresso Soups were 1.39 at White’s which is a good deal to start with, but I used coupons for 50 cents off two and stocked up. Brian loves to have these in his desk for lunch when he doesn’t bring leftovers and they’re a good healthy quick lunch when you don’t feel like cooking.

At White’s I caught some good deals in their “sale buggys” they have around the store. These are great – they just fill up buggys with stuff they reduced for quick sale. I was able to get some really yummy looking salsa for cheap.

They had Campbell’s chicken noodle soup for .50 a can and I had coupons for 50 cents off four so I stocked up on those to have “in case”

I got a 10 lb sack of potatoes was 2.99 but I also got frozen fries because a 2 pound bag was only 99 cents!

I also got a 5 lb bag of chicken tenders for $5.00 which is also great in a jiffy!

As you can see I stocked up on toilet paper, baby food and saltines too.

Diet coke wasn’t on sale but hubby was dying for more so I gave in.

Altogether I did pretty good and won’t have to go to the grocery store until next week. I guess $55 a week for a family of 6 isn’t too bad!

Have fun, Be blessed,

Jessica Moore