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About Jessica December 27, 2008

Hey everyone, I’m Jessica Moore – owner of this blog.

Thanks for reading it and checking me out.

I have decided to write down the little, and BIG ways I save in order to teach other women how to do the same. We live on a very limited income with a family of 6 so sometimes money does get tight. But by God’s divine grace, we are on a plan to pay off all debt and be able to pay for our future needs such as college and cars…AGH!

I have four children – ages 11,8,4 and almost a year. We have two boys and two girls all of which give me great joy and aside from being a child of God I find my identity in being thier mom.

I am married to a wonderfully devoted man whom I love with everything I have. He is an amazing supporter of me in all my endeavors and of our familiy as a whole.

We are firm believers in giving to God first and then giving to others out of what is left.

We also believe in saving for a “rainy day” which both my husband and I see as happening all too soon in this current state of the economy.

I will be blogging about freebies, deals, my shopping trips, personal situations and how to be a woman of God living out Proverbs 31.

I do not claim to know everything or even be great at what I do, but I try hard and I love to encourage and teach others.

Please enjoy reading my blog and take time to comment when you can.


Jessica Moore


3 Responses to “About Jessica”

  1. Alisha Says:

    I submitted an order on moore girly, will you still be doing those since in your blog it says you haven’t had much time to keep up with that. I would really appreciate it. My volleyball team of 11 girls is pretty excited about getting their pink zebra shoelaces. Thanks for your time and your blog its wonderful to read.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    This is my first visit to your blog & I love it! I need all the help I can get when it comes to saving money! I have added you to my favorites & plan on checking in daily!

  3. Nina Pat Says:

    Thanks, Jessica, for your loving efforts to help young moms with your saving tips and your encourgement to us all to be a Proverb 31 woman.

    Nina Pat

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