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Grocery Outlet Shopping Trip March 23, 2009

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Here is what I got today from Grocery Outlet in Elizabethton.


I spent $59.12 and got all of this plus two packages of hair accessories for my daughter, paper towels, ppackage of juice drinks for the kids, and popsicles. You really can’t tell but I also got diapers on this trip – 2.99 for 24, not bad. My older boys are going to be ecstatic when they get home to see the special treats they got. I never buy the “fun” stuff unless it’s on sale or my coupon is just fantastic. Sometimes at this store though you can catch it for a better deal than any coupon could give you – like cereal straws for $1.00 or cadburry eggs 4/$1! YUM! I encourage you to check around in your area and see if you have a grocery outlet or something similar. Please comment and let me know where your secret shopping place is!! 🙂 Be Blessed, Jessica


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