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Aerie great deals March 20, 2009

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So I went to Aerie yesterday for my free tote bag – YAY.

While I was there, they said that if I tried on any bra, I’d get a scratch off card where everyone is a winner. So I said sure.

Well I know now why they want you to try one on. OMG – the one I tried on was absolutely fabulous! It is by far the best fitting bra I have ever worn. BUT, I didn’t give into temptations and buy ten of them. I didn’t even buy one – GO ME!! I’m going to wait for a sale or at the very least, save up money and budget it in. The one I tried on was called Hannah and it was 24.95. I know that’s not a lot in “bra world” but for me, that’s a lot of money! LOL

So after trying it on, I got a scratch off card for $5.00 off any purchase. I could have spent it on a $5.00 lip gloss or something but I had been eyeing some earrings I wanted for my baby:

Aren’t they so cute? They’re sterling silver too and regularly $7.50 so I got them for $2.50. To me, that’s still a lot being that she doesn’t NEED them and I could proabably land cute earrings at a grage sale soon. BUT it’s her first birthday coming up and she has had some pretty serious ear infections both in her inner ear and on her lobe so I better stick with new earrings.

So a free tote bag, a birthday present and enough ribbon to make a few bows (they tie pretty ribbon to every bag) all for $2.50

I love this store!



One Response to “Aerie great deals”

  1. I too love Aerie! I did not know about the scratch off but my daughters and I all got a free pair of undies this month when signing up for customer appreciation card. You also get a free gift once a month on Thursdays; this month it’s the tote bag but you also get a free lip gloss in your birthday month. It’s a win-win situation!!

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