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Home from Hospital March 6, 2009

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Thank you so much for your prayers. Our baby Abigail is doing great. She handled the anesthesia fine and woke up fine. The ENT said she was barely hearing out of both ears and her whole nasal cavity was clogged. After removing tubes and replacing them with larger ones, and removing adenoids and clearing out her passageways, she seemed to be breathing a lot better. Her eye surgery went just as planned also. No problems with that, we’ll just have to wait to see if it works.

Your prayers were so appreciated today. I can’t thank all of you enough.

Here’s some before and after pics of our little precious baby. 🙂


I know these aren’t gorgeous pics of her and I’ll have to post some more later   to see what a beautiful little girl she is but I can’t tell you how good that AFTER picture looks to me as her mom:)


  hospital 1


hospital 2


hospital 3



hospital 4


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