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Free Loreal Sample March 3, 2009

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I got this email today from Loreal for a free sample of their new Everpure product for color treated hair. 

this new haircare collection from L’Oreal aims to protect and nourish color-treated tresses with a botanically-based, sulfate-free formula.

It’s the combination of green ingredients with L’Oreal’s expertise that piqued my interest when I first received samples of the line. What sold me, however, was the lather of the EverPure Shampoos. It’s so rich, so foamy— you’d be hard-pressed to call them out (as naturally based cleansers) in a blind test. They’re really quite impressive.

The EverPure collection will be available in three formulations: Moisture, Smooth, and Volume. So, while these products work together to prevent premature fading and product buildup, they’re also able to address the needs of your specific hair type and texture. (A major plus for those of us with dry, color-treated hair that’s also fine.)
L’Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Color-Care Collection, $6.99 to $8.99.”

excerpt from

It doesn’t hurt to have freebies on hand for when all of a sudden you shake out that last drop of shampoo and you weren’t planning on going to the store today.

We keep a stash of extra toiletry items for guests or for when I get that all too familiar call from a dripping wet kid sticking his head out the shower – “MOM, I need some more shampoo!” 🙂

SO, go sign up at this site and get yours mailed to you today!

Good Luck, Be Blessed,

Jessica Moore


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