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Our weekly verse: Luke 12:34 March 2, 2009

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Each week we post a verse on all the bathroom mirrors and on the front and back door. The first kid able to recite the verse to me on Saturday night gets a special treat – i.e. – the last piece of cake, choose where we go for lunch after church, get to stay up a few minutes late, etc..

The verse for this week is one we’ve heard a hundred times before but with my two oldest boys finding new “obsessions” I thought it appropriate:

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” Luke 12:34

I encourage you to share the Bible with your children, may it be this way, or your own, all kids deserve to know what’s in the Bible and we can’t just assume thier Sunday School teacher is doing it for us. Open it up, let them see you reading it and share what you learned. It’s okay for them to know that mommy has learned something from the Bible or even from others, to know that mommy isn’t perfect and that we’re all still growing in the Lord. I try to tell the kids each week what I learned from the verse and how it impacts my life, even though it’s usually centered around them 🙂

Good luck, Be Blessed,

Jessica Moore


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