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New Friend Here Today February 21, 2009

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Last night at 4:00 AM we got a call from DCS to take in a 7 year old boy. Little Jessie was left without a home to go to for the night and they were not sure how long it would be until they found him a home. We decided to take him in. After not eating all day and trying to find food at 4:00 AM to no avail, Jessie showed up here tired and hungry. I offered him food and a bed but all he wanted was his stuffed dog and the couch. He quickly fell asleep.

This morning we didn’t take him to school per DCS orders because of the trial he had gone through the night before. So he spent the day with Julia, Abby and myself. We had to run a few errands and the highlights of his day was getting to eat chicken nuggets at McDonald’s and riding the escalator at the mall. He had never seen one before and thought the “moving stairs” were absolutely amazing. Needless to say, we rode them twice 🙂

Jessie was eager to see the boys get home from school today and enjoyed playing outside with them. We hung out at home tonight with a movie and let Jessie just make himself at home. He is incredibly sweet to the other kids here and really loves his new surroundings.

 I don’t know how long we’ll have Jessie but I am grateful for the days he will be part of our life.

Here is a picture our new friend, please keep him in your prayers.



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