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Being Thrifty February 17, 2009

today I went to CVS, Michael’s, Kroger and Walgreen’s and landed some pretty good deals.

I got free lip gloss at walgreens, and 4 boxes of cereal for 6.00!

At kroger I got two things of diapers for 2.99 each and a

at CVS I got a bunch of freebies – see pic below. I got all this and they paid me $1.50!!


I took one of my dear friends Amber to show her the ropes and she didn’t end up doing so well  ( she’s missing several coupons that I’ve aquired in the past) but she did get to see how it worked!

I still need to hit Whites and Food City and another CVS as they were out of a couple of free products at the one I went to, but overall I think we had a pretty good day.

The best part was being able to teach another woman how to live frugally.

I take pride in being able to provde in these small ways for my family and love to show other women how to do the same.

I have to go “provide” now by doing laundry, dishes and an overhaul of the house before the rest of the kids come home.

Thanks for reading,

be blessed,

Jessica MooreCVS freebies 2/17 part 1


One Response to “Being Thrifty”

  1. amber Says:

    Awsome!!Im still learning!!!
    Your”dear friend” Amber

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